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Spurious demand for payment

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We have received a puzzling letter (ilamsız takiplerde ödeme emri) and we don't know what to do. Some years ago a friend of my partner who owned a rent a car company used to lend him a car from time to time as a favour.

My partner then fell out with his friend and we lost contact.

Now 4 years later we receive a letter which seems to be claiming that we (both of us although I have never driven here) rented a car from this guy's company for 3 years and never paid for it.

Do we ignore this as complete rubbish or should we answer and to whom? Do we need legal assistance? Is there a standardised form to reply that this is without substance and completely fabricated? 

The sum requested is over 57000 TL...

I would appreciate your advice on this as we are a bit perplexed.

Thank you in advance

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It was several times and not the same car although the demand letter gives a number plate of a single car whch we supposedly signed for rental for 3 years which we didn't.

My partner remembers one occasion when he signed for insurance and he kept the car for a week but on the other occasions it was just an informal unwritten agreement.

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I suggest that you visit the Icra dairesi to ask a few questions. I would avoid writing anything which you may regret later, but you could ask to see any evidence that you rented the car. Were you out of Turkey for any significant periods during the supposed rental term?

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Thank you IbrahimAbi. I have now consulted a lawyer and a few other friends and Monday morning we are going to the İcra Dairesi to formally refute the accusation and as you say ask for proof of this supposed 3-year contract.

We will be accompanied by a Turkish friend who runs businesses here and who knows how to formulate all the legalise stuff, an internet friend has sent me the opposition forms we need to fill in and several friends have said that they are wiling to attest that for years we have always turned up in a taxi or dolmuş! 

In a weird climate where informing on your neighbour for whatever reason has become national sport, it is good to know we have stalwart friends. And thank you too, IbrahimAbi, for taking the time to reply when I was stressing out. It means a lot.

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All signed and dusted and accusations cancelled. We had to get a dilekçe saying we refuted the debt and we took this to the İcra Dairesi with photocopies of our passport and they immediately cancelled any charges. To be on the safe side we extra copies signed and stamped in case the passport control asked for it but the Icra manager said it was unnecessary as all charges are dropped. Now if the guy wants to go any further he must take a lawyer and takes us to court.  Knowing that 6 years ago just sending a letter of legal notice cost 1500 TL, I doubt he will go any further particularly as he would have to provide proof which does not exist.

Our lawyer also confirmed that there was no need to remove funds from the bank. However if he does serve us with legal notice that he is taking us to court, it will be the first thing we do.

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