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I Need Help with My First Turkish Residence Permit

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Unfortunately right now it is not possible to change  dates of your residence permit appointment. Since too much load here (in Istanbul) therefore people have to suffer a bit.  Hopefully it will change in a year since 2 year validity  law is being implemented after which load would be divided and situation would get better .


1 bank statement should be enough given that you have 12000 usd in it. 6000 for you and 6000 for your wife. 


Good luck.

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If you are married, you should only need one, but take both bank statements (I am assuming each of you has a bank account already). It is a good rule-of-thumb to always take as much documentation as you can.

THY just went through the process so he knows better than I do, but call the foreigeners' helpline at 157. Select English, and you can talk to an English-speaking representative. I know they can cancel your residence permit appointment, but I don't know if they can change it, or if things are different in Istanbul. It's worth a try. Make sure you have your residence permit application number when you call so they can look up your case on their computer.


1 bank statement should be enough given that you have 12000 usd in it. 6000 for you and 6000 for your wife. 

This is indeed the general rule, especially for one person applying for one short-term residence permit--that is. $500 USD equivalent per person, for each month. But for families, they are flexible on this and can also give you a residence permit provided you have at least the minimum wage for Turkey for each month you need the residence permit, and one-third that amount for family members. But the more money you can show you have to live on, the better.

If you are able to change  your residence permit appointment, would you please let us know by posting in this topic?

This will be a good addition to our residence permit FAQs. Also, after you do go for your appointment, please let us know how things went! :)

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I have a policy I took out for my residence permit. Unfortunately, pregnancy and childbirth expenses are not covered. One of the exclusions is "all expenses related with pregnancy and childbirth and incubation care." That is a permanent exclusion, that is, during no time you are covered by the health insurance would they pay for pregnancy or childbirth. You could ask your insurance company if they will cover it, but I doubt they would, since insurance policies are issued based on the risk of something happening or not, and never on a certainty.

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