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Do not try driving a car in Istanbul

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Traffic is the biggest problem in Turkey, especially in İstanbul. People have a hard time because of the traffic problems in İstanbul. İstanbul has many traffic problems such as, not subway, uneducated drivers, unplanned roads and many cars. Moreover, government know that, These problems have patmanent solutions. However, government can’t maket them.

To begin with İstanbul is unplanned place. Roads and traffic’s field are jumble. For example, every morning mecidiyekoy, taksim and fisrt river are crowded so many cars can’t go along. In addition, Navigation devices improved day by day. People can’t use it in İstanbul because streets and roads aren’t properly and regular.

Another problem is uneducated drivers in İstanbul. Turkey, especially in İstanbul driver’s license is served in a short period of three months so many traffic accidents and traffic problems are happening in banglore. To demostrate, drivers get license quarterly but they can’t be trainee so roads are filled with many amateur drivers.

Last but mot least, İstanbul is a really crowded city. There are 15 million people so car’s companies buy a lot of car i n İstanbul then many accidents and deaths happen on. For instance, Although expensive oil gives banks credit to allow people to take cars and people are stil continue to get the car this will adversely affect trafic of İstanbul.

Lastly, people have drafted the subway for last years in İstanbul. Subway is really important for regular city and smooth traffic. Many countries tihs infrastructure was built years ago but the foundation this year, was thrown in İstanbul. Unfortunetly this situation is a bitter truth.

To sum up, traffic problems increased in İstanbul day by day. These problems causes accident and deaths. There are uneducated drivers, unplanned roads and field, buying many cars and not subway. Transportation is a considerable factor for people but in İstanbul alone it isn’t important. If you want to get help and information , I give you some important agencies concerning with special driving courses which you get special driving lessons in istanbul traffic.

Please note Here are some links with driving courses agencies in İstanbul;

Direksiyon Eğitimi Merkezi

Direksiyon Dersi

Direksiyon Merkezi

By written Burak Avcı Driving Academy in İstanbul

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If you can drive in rush* hour London traffic Istanbul presents no unusual problems if you know where you are going. Brussels is just as bad and Rome is worse.


Edit, of course I use the word "rush" with tongue in cheek.

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19 hours ago, Fusions said:

I am coming to visit Istanbul for couple of weeks. I am thinking of renting a car. Do you think its a good idea? Other options is to rent a car with driver which costs a lot more.


Honestly...not necessary in Ist.

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