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Ken Grubb

Residence Permit Guides

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I've written scores of guides about residence permits of all kinds. After reading the laws and official documentation, and the experiences of foreigners as they go through the residence permit application process, I also go to the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management, or DGMM), and speak with one of the managers I work with, to clarify anything which is unclear.

You'll find the residence permits articles here:

Turkey Residence Permit Articles

If by some chance you have some situation which I haven't already covered, please open a topic on it.

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hi Ken,

I see you are the resident expert in the ikamet issues. I've just spent hours trying to get logged into the https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/ website, I kept getting a error message, I finally gave up and called the magic number 157, and the girl informed me that their system does not support Apple computers?? I am quite sure that I used my MacBook Air 3 years ago, are you aware of restrictions on using Apple computers?

thanks for your knowledge


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I don't know why the residence permit application system wouldn't support Apple computers. Maybe one browser works better than another, though. I have a guide in progress about tips and fixes to use when applying online for a residence permit. It's not published yet, but here's the tips and fixes section:

Tips and Fixes

Here are some techniques you can use to make the process easier and to fix problems that might occur.

Use a Regular Computer. Use a desktop or laptop. Don't use a smartphone or tablet.

Apply Early in the Morning or Late at Night. Internet traffic is low during these times.

Change the Language to Turkish. You can change the language of the application website by selecting the Turkish option at the top of the page. You can switch back and forth from Turkish to English without any problems—it won't delete what you've entered. Or you can use the Chrome browser with the Google Translate extension, which will translate Turkish for you. When you submit the information, do it while it's in Turkish mode.

Use a Different Browser or Use Private Mode. Sometimes you can fix a problem by using a different browser. You can also try using the "private mode" setting, which comes with most browsers. The private mode setting will stop the browser from sending unnecessary information to the online application website.

Use a Different Computer. Some problems can be fixed just by switching computers, either another one in your home, at a friend's home, or an internet café.

Reset Your Modem or Router. Reset or unplug your modem or router for ten seconds, then plug it in again. Sometimes internet service providers use a "rotating" IP address system, so when your router comes back on, it'll have a new IP address.

Disable Ad Blockers. Ad blockers may perceive some functions on the DGMM application website as advertisements. So turn them off.

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HI Ken,

In the meantime I managed to log on with my Apple computer, I think the girl on the hotline just needed a excuse to get rid of me :-) thanks for your tips 


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