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Applying for Work Visa as 'coordinator'

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Hello friends,

I am applying for my work visa on Tuesday at the embassy in washington DC, and I have a few questions.

With the school year fast approaching, my employer has recommended I apply for my work visa as 'coordinator'. I have no idea what this means, or how it might expedite the process, but due to time constraints, they are adamant I apply as 'coordinator'. Any one familiar with this distinction?

I will have all the necessary documents from my employer before I go, but I'm wondering about not yet having my TEFL certificate; I am about a week or two from completing it. The school has offered me a jobk, knowing that I will soon complete my certificate, but I hope this is not something that the embassy wants to see before I can get my visa. I will bring my diploma, passport and the documents from my future employer (Doğa schools) and hope for the best.

Thanks to any one who can give me any advice.

Best wishes


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Hi Thomas,

My experience is slightly different as I am working at a university and was granted my visa under the Turkish Higher Education Authority (YOK) vs the Ministry of Labor (and I also have completed my degrees). However, when I went to the Turkish Embassy in Ottawa, Canada to get my visa, they only required the documentation from Bilkent and a passport photo. They did not request any additional documentation.

i was told by the embassy staff person who helped me that because I had the YOK letter, I was able to get my visa immediately (that day, in fact) rather than waiting (I think) 21-30 days.

I would follow the advice of your school and if you have questions, ask them. 

Good luck,


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I would like to pose another question here;


If someone posses a short term residence permit and does a job somewhere where in documents he is not employed he is just paid for his services where company marks his services in their books as not being an employe but a helper who is working for free for them; then I think the work permit is not required; but if you wish to get registered as an employee the company will have to apply for work permit in the labour department. Is it easy or difficult this Im not aware yet; other experienced members can give more better opinion regarding this.

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I'm not familiar with any laws that might have to do with volunteering, but I doubt that would work. If a person is paid for the work, they're definitely working. I doubt that, when government inspectors arrive and find that person working, and the person says "I'm a volunteer" that they would say "okay, our mistake," and leave. Just my opinion, maybe someone else is more familiar with this kind of situation than I am. :)

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