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Hi everyone and I hope people see this post as soon as possible.

i am jordanian currently in a relationship with a turkish man. He works in the army and he is a second basic lieutenant. He has been missing for 8 days since the coup attempt. I dont know where he is. Can anyone who is turkish or anyone that knows what is going on explain where the hell he is?? His friends' phones are all switched off and so is his.

he told me get ready they will arrest us, i told him did u do anything bad. He said i didnt do anything i was at work and then this happened. And he told me to trust him that he didn't do anything wrong and I do believe him because he is still a fresh graduate. Can anyone please help me with this delimma?

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Hello Roro, welcome to Turkey Central. As you are aware there has been an attempted military coup here in Turkey. As a result of that thousands of army men have been arrested. I would imagine that the rest of the men in the army are now under very strict discipline so even if your boyfriend has not been arrested he may not be allowed access to a computer or phone.

Try not to worry too much and trust that he will get in touch with you when he can.


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45 minutes ago, Roro said:

Thank you Sir for replying back. I appreciate it so much. Im sorry but till when will they stay under strict discipline?

Nobody knows the answer to this question yet, I'm afraid it is like to be a few months at least.


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