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Current Situation in Turkey

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I am hired to teach at a university in Ankara and I leave Canada on August 26. My department head has been very good to keep me updated on events as best she can in light of the attempted coup. However, I am interested to get some feedback from members of the forum so I may have a fuller picture of what the situation is like. I recognize this may be difficult as events seem to be still quite fluid. I would appreciate any and all constructive feedback.




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I always thought you will be at Yasar University, but Congratulations anyway. 

Ak Parti ( current govern) and Gulenist movement are in a fight against each other lasted 2 or 3 years. At Friday night, there was a coup attempt from minority group in military ( most of them were gulenist). Coup was failed because it was not in chain of command. The rest of the TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) intervened and stopped this madness.

State of Emergency vote has just passed from the senate and will be effective July, 21 for 90 days. ( But this is renewable). I am worried a little about the human rights but we will see how government can handle this. I don't know If you have been here before, but you shouldn't expect the exact same standards compared to Canada.

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One of the things that I like about Turkey is that is not as predictable as somewhere like the UK. Everyday you see new and unexpected things happen. You think after 30 years of living here on and off you have seen everything, but then again you get surprised.

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I agree with IbrahimAbi. I kind of like it like that. Going back to the States is a bit boring for me now. And I think IbrahimAbi and I both are not necessarily referring to anything dangerous, things are just a bit looser and unpredictable in Turkey--the way they drive is a good example. Here in Antalya, if you didn't watch the news or read the newspaper, you wouldn't even know there was a coup attempt, or that there was a state of emergency, except for the pro-government rallies they have in the town square in the evenings.

I was reading in Hurriyet Daily News that the government is assuring everyone that human rights will be respected. It may be that they are relaxing the rules on the evidence required to make arrests when it comes to arresting anyone involved in the Gulen movement. It is just them the government is after. And since the failed coup attempt, public order is probably even more assured. And the chances of another coup attempt are probably zero now.

I don't know how Canada does it, but the US embassy has a website where you can register your name and contact info. Then you'll get e-mail updates about various situations, like if there is a rally or protest scheduled somewhere (a lot of them are in Ankara). They also tell you, wisely, to stay clear of such demonstrations, even if they seem peaceful, since things can change quickly at such events. That is probably the main advice I could give you.

The only other risks I can think of are related to safety, and crime. Sometimes the municipalities aren't very dutiful in marking a hole they've made--stuff like that. You'll see people doing things and wonder why they don't consider the consequences.

Crime in Turkish cities has typically been lower than comparable cities around the world. We've got some articles about that here: Crime and Safety.  One interesting thing about Turkey is that if you get into trouble in the street, Turks will usually rush to your aid.

Even under normal circumstances people get the jitters about coming to Turkey, because of all of the unknowns. Not to mention the erroneous image a lot of people have about the country. I think once you get here, settle in and get used to it, you'll feel a lot better. And I think you'll enjoy it.

Anyway clearing up the "unknowns" for people coming to Turkey is why we're here. So if you have any questions, feel free to post them.

And congratulations on your new job in Ankara! :kicking:


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Thanks Ken, IbrahimAbi and greenstein for your replies. I want to be as informed as I can about the situation. My department head at Bilkent has been in touch with me almost every day by  phone or email to update me and to ask what I need to help me to settle in.  I think it speaks to the level of support they will offer their foreign instructors. Yes, Ken, the Canadian Embassy does have an online registration for its citizens. I'll be doing that prior to leaving.

I'm looking forward to arriving and getting settled. Then I can take time to explore as much of the country as I can.








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Good morning, gentlemen.

Daniel, Canadians would say: Pass me a beer there's a ball game on. :dancing: Of course, in the winter we would watch hockey.

Well-quoted, IbrahimAbi.

Trudeau also said the following which I think is fitting not only in reference to Turkey, but to traveling in general right now. I couldn't remember the entire quote so this is a paste and cut.

"I would not know how to instill a taste for adventure in those who have not acquired it. ... And yet there are people who suddenly tear themselves away from their comfortable existence and, using the energy of their bodies as an example to their brains, apply themselves to the discovery of unsuspected pleasures and places."



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Certainly a ball-game and a beer will be found in most cities. Reminds me of 1984 in Izmir. England were playing Turkey. Most foreign teachers did not have TV sets. The Turkish VP of our school invited people round to his house. I was to have a beer for every goal that England scored. He would have a whiskey for every goal Turkey scored. I can't remember if I finished all the beers (England 8 Turkey 0). But the wind ups went on for years...until we won the next one 6-0.



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