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US military retiring in Antalya turkey

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Hi Chauncy,

Congratulations on your retirement! There is no VA office anywhere in Turkey. You don't need to give anybody any documents anyway.

The main thing you need is an account with a username and password DMDC, at https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/ , to be sure you're registered in the DEERS system (make sure you change your address when you get here). And also get a username and password for MyPay, at https://mypay.dfas.mil for any pay issues.

The closest thing to the VA is Incirlik Air Base in Adana, which you will probably never get on unless you have a medical appointment, and in Izmir, where there is an Air Force squadron supporting NATO.

Nothing I can think of that you have to do before getting here. Once you get here you will need to get a residence permit. Since your wife is a Turkish citizen, you can get a two-year family residence permit as her spouse. Unless you are covered by your spouse's medical insurance (under SGK), as I believe you will be, for the residence permit you will need health insurance, which you will have under TRICARE Standard Overseas. That covers, I believe, 75% of all medical expenses, and exceeds the residence permit medical insurance requirement. You will need to get a letter from the TRICARE rep at Incirlik to submit with your residence permit paperwork.

That's about it, really. Just get here, find a place to live, get a residence permit and you'll be all set. Here's also some info on getting your Turkish driving license.

To get your Turkish driving license, you will need your high school or university diploma. So make sure you bring that with you.

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