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Residence lapsed can a foreigner still own a car?

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A friend of ours has decided to let his residence lapse due the onerous nature of the process. they bought a car many years ago before residence was required for a foreigner to own a car. Does anyone know if they will be required to sell it? I have not been required to show residence when having my TUV test done, but these things are always changing. 

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The only way I can see that they might be caught out is when renewing their insurance because most companies now seem to want to know the foreigner id number (99***********) and this number should be on the certificate of insurance which is shown to the clerk in the TUV test centre. It's going to take an eagle-eyed clerk though.


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Thanks Cukurbagli, as far as I know once you are issued with a TC number it does not change even if your residence status does. I was working in Istanbul when I was issued mine. When I stopped working and went onto a normal residence the TC number did not change. the friend already has a TC number so could, presumably use it when renewing insurance. I guess that we need to wait and see. I would like to hear from any TC members who have been through this, and will certainly post an update when my friend renews (or tries to renew) his insurance.

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