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Turkey safe for german tourists?

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my name is Erik and i´m from Weimar in Germany. I plan a big tour in november with my girlfriend to chile and because thats still 5 months ahead we thought we could put 2 weeks turkey in july in our plan as well. Book last minute and so on.

But we are kinda worried right now. The terrorism in istanbul aside i honestly dont know if its really safe and comfortable right now. In TV i saw mass demonstrations against germans. Turks throwing eggs against our embassy and so on + constant insults from turkish politicians against germany. I girl thinks its not safe and want change to spain. But if i cancel its just extra work to do that i would rather try to avoid.

So what you experts here think?

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Hi Sobo, welcome to Turkey Central

The German vote to recognise the the Turkish treatment of Armenia as Genocide has made a lot of Turks very angry. Ifyou are thinking of going to the Tourist areas in the south west of Turkey you would probably not find any problems. I would avoid Istanbul for a while.


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Alanya is a great place to go for Germans (besides being a beautiful town with great beaches). They have lots of German tourists and residents there, and I think the locals would appreciate your visit. Another place to go is Kaş. Kaş is also a lovely place to spend a holiday, and quite disconnected from the usual politics that go on in Istanbul. I think a lot of the tourism destinations care anything about politics or these recent events, but Alanya and Kaş stand out in my mind as good places to go. You are more likely to hear apologies there than experience any hard feelings.

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