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Moving from uk

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Any help.  when the time comes for our move, what is the best way to move furneture and boxes to turkey and should I go first or at the same time and be without for a while giving me a chance to get my Turkish legs on befor my belongings arrive. Is it ok to have packed myself with a brief description on the box of it General contents

Can I simply get there and sort out the bits like bank accounts residency etc 

am I missing something important 


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Sorry I know this is going to be confusing...

Allegedly, Turkish embassies and consulates issue residence permits. But from everything I have heard, the people at the embassies and consulates tell applicants to go to Turkey on a tourist visa first, then get a residence permit in Turkey.

I think there is a lack of coordination involved. For example, proof of residence is required for a residence permit. So how could one get a residence permit if they don't first have a residence? I don't think this was considered when it was announced that Turkish embassies and consulates in other countries would be issuing residence permits.

There used to be (and probably still is) a "residence visa" (not a tourist visa). The residence visa was a one-time entry visa for people who intend to permanently move to Turkey. But I have not heard of anybody these days who has obtained one before moving to Turkey. They all are told to get tourist visas, come to Turkey, then get a residence permit after they have a place to live and meet certain other requirements.

If that is still the case, I would come to Turkey on a tourist visa, find a place to live, get a short-term residence permit, and then ship my things to Turkey.

But please ask at the Turkish embassy or a consulate in the UK. See if you can get an actual "residence visa" (as opposed to a tourist visa), and ask them also if they can issue you a residence permit there in the UK. Perhaps things have changed, perhaps they are issuing them now... I don't know.


Is it ok to have packed myself with a brief description on the box of it General contents

I assume you're talking about mailing things. You're required to describe the contents, but regardless, customs people will probably have a look inside when it arrives.

The way it's supposed to work is, if there are any items subject to customs duties, they'll notify you to go to a central PTT (post office) to pay the customs duties. However, in the past I have not been notified of my package's arrival and it was sent back. So be sure to keep the paperwork when you send anything. Then when you arrive, find out where the main PTT is where packages subject to customs are sent. And check every week or two to see if your packages have arrived--don't wait for notification.

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