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How long does a divorce take in Turkey?


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We have both consented to path ways on good and friendly terms. I left Turkey and have given Power of Attorny to a lawyer via the Turkish consulate here to sort out a simple divorce. She said it depends on the court date could take days or months :wacko: I want a good lawyer that can get this done quickly.

We have no assets to split.

I don't require anything from him financially

We have 1 child. I require full custody and he has agreed.

Ours is a simple divorce, straightfoward, no surprises. I just want out, how long do you think it will take?  

Is there anything we can do it just get it done, since we both want out and there's nothing else to it?

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Hello Yabancigirl, 

There are 2 ways in your situation to have a succesful divorce verdict.

The 1st scenario is the one where you both are present in the hearing and answer judges simple and easy questions about your household problems and all is over in 10 mins, while

The 2nd case where each of you should bring 1 witness before the judge at the hearing date. In this type of divorce procedure, you do not have to be present in the hearing but your lawyers have to.

We usually finalize our uncontested (both side consented) divorce case engagements in 1-2 months time frame. It generally depends on how much you/your lawyer are succesful to convince court officers to set an earlier hearing date. Your urgent situations might be perceived reasonable for earlier set. 



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Thanks for the good advice Eglegal. It's been a few weeks, the lawyer said she will do tekzip. Not sure what that is. I realised I still have the marriage book. She didn't ask for it. I sent her a message asking her if she needs it she hasn't replied yet, I assume she might. Should I post it to her, or maybe she doesn't need it. :confused:

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