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international school in antalya

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ICCA International School is the premier international school in Antalya. They have two branches. One is in Antalya City Center, the other is in Döşmealtı, somewhat north northwest of Antalya city center.

ICCA International School, Antalya City Center

ICCA International School, Döşmealtı

I hope that helps. After you move to Antalya and have some experience with ICCA or with another international school, would you please return to us and give us your feedback?

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Thanks for your reply. I already called them, they said their website is too old and school is not international anymore. ICCA is a private turkish school now. and pretty sure i will send my feedback when i reach Antalya and see some schools.

any other suggestion? how are normal schools there? i have to find a location which has more expat so he can talk and make friend with other kids.

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Hi Tim,


Welcome to the Forum. Can I suggest that you edit your post and remove your phone number as it is a public Forum and some programmes trawl Forums like this for phone numbers and email addresses. people can send you a private message through Turkey Central to ask for more info.

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