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Overstay Penalties

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dear mr. ken

i've been overstay about 1. 5 months in istanbul. i came here on february 10, 2016 with E_visa and when i want to make an appointment to get my residence permit.  my application. has been avoid they told me it was late.  one month i havent any valid permit. 

so,  if i overstayed here without permit till 1 or 2 years. i will get a banned and high penalty to pay? 

or 2nd options is i comeback to my country for example, i back on 26 and come back to turkey again on 27.  can i do that?  or theres ban for me to leave turkey for couple of week or month'? 

i dont know what should i do right now..  :'()

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If an overstay is for less than ten days, there is a fine but no ban. For overstays of more than ten days, there is a ban, depending on the number of days you have overstayed.

If you go to a port and exit the country before you are legally ordered to leave (or are arrested), you can either pay a fine or be banned from re-entry (if you don't pay the fine). The amount of the fine or the ban is given at the port by immigration officials when you exit the country. The maximum ban is five years.

If you want to come back sooner than the duration of your ban, you need to go to the Turkish embassy in your home country and arrange to pay the fine to have the ban lifted.

If you overstay for a year or more, your fine, or your re-entry ban is going to be a big one. So I would recommend getting your residence permit issue straightened out as soon as possible, or go to your country's embassy or consulate in Turkey and ask for their assistance.

UPDATE: Here's an article on the consequences of overstaying your visa or residence permit in Turkey.

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