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going to the hospital problems with visa

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This may seem strange to some but here goes... I have been in Turkey for four years now. I have had to go to the hospital 3 times. Once was before the law of needing insurance was in play and twice after the law came.  Now I admit that sadly I do not have insurance and my visa is expired.  I plan to stay a bit longer and pay the fines and take the ban when I go.  I have my reasons for doing this.. however... I wonder.... if I go to the hospital for treatment of what I think is a worthy cause to go without insurance willing to pay cash for the treatment, but the visa is expired... can the police be notified?  I mean, when you go to the ER do they somehow share that info with the police ?  I know that if you check into a hotel the police can see that you are there .. is it the same with the ER department?  Otherwise I will need to find a private doctor and pay cash there as I am sure they will not ask too many questions.  But I think I have an issue that needs to be addressed pretty soon and I really need some answers if you all can help.  thanks

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I have never heard of hospitals checking visa dates, nor would I think they would make hospital employees responsible for checking and reporting them. Just to be sure though, I will go to the local hospital tomorrow and ask them (no names mentioned).

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Today I went to the local Anadolu private hospital, near my house in Antalya. I asked your question to a hospital administrator. Here is what she said:

Hospitals in Turkey do, indeed, send a report to the police for all inpatients. At midnight, every day. It's the same thing the hotels in Turkey do. The hospitals provide the patients' names and other identifying information they have on file.

If you are an outpatient who receives medical care and leaves the same day, and are not occupying a hospital bed at midnight at the end of that day, your name is not reported to the police.

There is no system for hospitals to report foreigners over-staying their visas or residence permits, per se. There is only a system to report who is occupying a hospital bed, regardless of nationality, or circumstance, at midnight, every night.

The administrator I spoke to was unaware of what the police did with the list their hospital sent to them, but said that if the police found that an inpatient was wanted for a crime, the police would come, but would then wait for the patient to complete his or her medical treatment and be discharged before they were arrested.

The administrator didn't know if the police routinely checked the listings for visa or residence permit over-stayers, and she was unaware of any incidents where police came to arrest anyone for overstaying their visa or residence permit in Turkey.

I hope that helps, and I hope you are okay.

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thanks Ken.  I read the response as soon as you replied but on my phone so it seemed as if I had not seen it.  But i got the info and that is kinda what i thought was going to happen... same as hotels.  thanks a million for making that trip.  I am sure that someone someday will need the same advice.  the things we get ourselves into huh?

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