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Advice on Moving to Istanbul

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Hello dear members,

İ need your help and advices please

İ am planing to move for İstanbul for to join my fiancé, but we cannot find a flat according to his salary.

İt is around Büyükçekmece. Does anyone knows how to find a flat with maximum 600 TL?

And please, can you advice me for finding a job there? İ am biologist and speak arabic, french and english. 


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Sorry if I have already recommended this, but first you should see this article:

Renting an Apartment in Turkey

At the bottom are links to the major property sales and rental websites. You can get an idea from that what the prices are, and also define the amount you want to pay and get results according to what you can afford.

For finding a job, that may be difficult. You would need to get a work permit, and they usually only give them to people who have skills an unemployed Turk doesn't have. Also see this article if you haven't seen it before:

Finding a Job in Turkey

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Thank you Ken :)

İ wanna ask something else, do you think another city would be easier for living? Like İzmir for example?

My fiancé is accountant , and would like to find a job according to his field, but seems difficult..do you have , please, any advice for us ? How and where to search?

Best regards


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A lot of people would disagree with me on this, but I prefer Izmir over Istanbul. Istanbul is a huge metropolis, and a fascinating city, and job opportunities are definitely the most abundant there. But for day-to-day living I prefer Izmir. It's smaller, but still a working city and there are also lots of companies there. I love to visit Istanbul whenever I can but it's just too busy for me as a place to live. Ankara might be another choice, but I don't know enough about it to comment on it. Antalya is also a nice city, but I think jobs for accountants would be more difficult to find there.

I am pretty sure we had a question like this before in the Izmir forum, but possibly also the Istanbul and Antalya forums. So you might have a look through those forums for previous members who have asked questions about the differences in the cities.

I should repeat here that it is very difficult for foreigners to find jobs in Turkey, because most jobs can be done by a Turk. And when the company applies for a work permit for your husband, if there is an unemployed Turk with similar qualifications, the work permit will be rejected and the unemployed Turk will be referred for the job.

To search for a job, visit the article "Finding a Job in Turkey I mentioned previously. At the bottom of that article are all of the major job search sites in Turkey. If there is a job opening that your husband might be able to fill, you will find it on one of those job sites.

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Those are precious informations :) , i thank you for your time and help :)

İ would notice that my husband is turk and i am algerian.

İt seems hard and not succesful searching a job by internet, even for my husband who is turk, i think in Turkey they prefere direct contact with people.

İf anyone knows any names of companies in istanbul or izmir or other cities, that my husband can contact them and apply directly, it will be a huge help for us.

Thank you again for interest.

Best regards.

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English will be a big advantage in big cities like Izmir and Istanbul. Or maybe he can set up on his own somewhere where there is work working for sites with foreigners book keeping and managing sites/projects. There are quite few foreigners who need to do this (or set up businesses) but do not have Turkish. I am sure that much of the work can be done online or by using Skype conversations.

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