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Need advice with complicated situation

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I have a bit of a strange situation. I've been doing a lot of reading but there is just so complication information out there that I feel I just need some direct advice after explaining my situation.

I'm a 22 year old UK citizen. I'm currently unemployed though I am actively looking for full time work. I currently have around £5000 in savings.

I was in a relationship with a Turkish girl for almost a year but because neither of us were in a position to travel and see each other things eventually got strained and we reluctantly decided to break up. Not long ago we got back in touch and have been talking a lot. It feels to both of us like we never even broke up. Our situations have changed and I plan on going to visit her on a 1 week holiday to turkey in June provided she is okay with it, I didn't actually ask her yet.

I want to be with this girl more than anything and I don't want the complications that screwed us over last time to happen again. I see this as a second chance and I'm not willing to let it slip by. I'm fully committed to finding a way to be with her. I'm also fully aware that getting her to the UK would be next to impossible, but me going to Turkey and potentially living there permanently is something I would absolutely be willing to do, though I have no idea what the requirements would be or how I would work.

For now my question is this. Right now she is working, her contract will end soon and she is currently living with her parents and has been using the opportunity to save as much money as possible. She really wants to get her own place though as she doesn't have a good relationship with her parents. I believe I read that on a tourist visa I could stay in Turkey up to 90 days. My question is would I be able to use a tourist visa to go over there for a few months and live with her if she got her own place, ideally helping support her financially through savings as well. And I suppose a follow up question would be how would I go about spending longer and longer periods there?

Of course I plan on having worked for a while in the UK before really going for this. 

I need to be with this girl. If any of you have any experiences which could help me get from where I am now to seeing her frequently I would be very grateful.

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would I be able to use a tourist visa to go over there for a few months and live with her if she got her own place

Yes. Just apply for a short-term residence permit before your visa expires, I think the recommended time before your visa expires is 60 days but I'm not sure. 

If you are staying with her, She will need to come with you during your residence permit appointment, but the Turkish government needs proof of address.

You're also going to need to have proof you can support yourself for each month you want the residence permit for, It was $500 per month but I heard the amount had changed, I will check on this.

You also need to buy health insurance coverage. In your situation you would have to buy a Turkish health insurance policy, which will probably be somewhere around 1,000 TL for a one-year policy. If you stay for less than a year you can return the policy and get a refund for the unused portion.

There are other requirements, like various forms and copies of things, but the answer is yes, you can stay here longer than the duration of your visa if you get a residence permit.

Want us to do your Tukey residence permit application, get your tax number and health insurance, and make the payment of your residence permit fees for you? Then visit our other website, TurkeyPermit.com.

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This is a learning question for me on this topic. It was stated in one of your comments that having this Turkish woman move to the UK would be next to impossible.   Why is that. Is it a custom thing; something from Turkey or is it related to moving to UK.  I do not know enough about these types of inter country moving other than between Canada and the USA and even that can be relatively difficult.    What are the issues in regards to this type of a move

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Getting a UK visa is the primary hurdle. I am mainly familiar with the problems in getting a visa to the USA, but it's probably much the same. Because many visitors in the past have gotten visas and then just disappeared into the country somewhere, living and working illegally, the government goes on the presumption that a visitor is coming to stay, and the burden of proof is on the visitor to prove otherwise, by giving some proof that they will return to their country when their visa expires. Things such as a job, a company, property, or other ties they would not be likely to abandon, among other things.

Have a look at the UK Visas forum and you'll see topics related to Turks getting visas to go to the UK.

Want us to do your Tukey residence permit application, get your tax number and health insurance, and make the payment of your residence permit fees for you? Then visit our other website, TurkeyPermit.com.

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Using the Ankara Association Agreement treaty with the EU, a Turkish person can open a business, or join an exisiting business, big or small, in the EU or UK & it will give them right to stay for 1 year and if it's a ligitmate business it will be renewed for another 3 years. A good application, a great business plan & some money in the bank can get this approved. I think a service oriented business, like hairdresser, cleaning business, etc where the overheads are low will be a good option if funds are limited. 

* Please don't send this girl your hard earned cash to do this. Work save & apply.

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Yes the visa is good for 90 days, and it can be complex to get residency, so I would read up on it before coming and start as soon as you hit the ground... my friend thought he could leave on a day trip to Greece, and that it would reset his 90 days. No, that doesn't work, he got banned from entering the country for 3 months, even though his Turkish wife was here. I was able to get residency but it was a nightmare, plus I had proof of retirement income AND a Turkish wife. They gave me a VERY hard time with my private US health insurance, too.

As one other poster commented, if she is living at home still, then yes, there could be a very serious problem with the family if you guys move in together. My wife refused to move in with me, even though we were legally married, until the traditional marriage ceremony was performed. Some families are pretty 'old fashioned' about it. You don't want trouble with the family or you will both regret it forever, I can tell you from experience.

I would just try to find a company here to hire you, they will help you with the long-term visa, then you and her can date until you decide if you want to marry...

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