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Not recognised on the online renewal system.

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Hi, Im resident in Istanbul.

After my anticipated wait to renew my visa on the new system using the postal application service I tried applying for my renewal today but on my attempts got told that I was not recognised on the system.

Frustrating part is I've got all documents ready to go then face this problem.

I wonder if anyone else has encountered this problem ? Or advice on the issue. 

Help would be most grateful.!

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I would go to the foreigners registration dept with your details and try to get them to access you into the system. At our local one there is a machine at the door that you take a ticket number from to speak to someone in person. In Turkish it is the İl Göç dairesi

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Hi Keram,there has been ongoing problems with the new site since it's overhaul the other week. It has been suggested that if you are getting close to your RP/visa expiring,you should go in person without an appointment to your nearest GOC office, with all your paperwork and ask to be processed there and then. The GOC officers understand the problems with the online site and are usually very accommodating.

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