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Excess personal clothing sent from the uk

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Hi all, 

I  apologise for my naively,  as this is the very first time using a forum , not too sure how it all works , please I am asking for advise as to how to bring my excess personal , clothing  shoes and some linen to Dalyan from the Uk . Just need the cheapest and the safest way . 

It weighs about 30-40 Kgs. 

Many thanks , 

trey , 

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No need to apologize! :) Everybody has a first time using a forum. It isn't always easy figuring them out. If you have any questions about how to use any feature in this forum, go here:

About Turkey Central

Just post a topic and ask any question about how to use any of the features. I'm always happy to help. I'm also happy that you chose Turkey Central as your first forum, we'll support you in any way we can. :) Also, all of us foreigners have had a first experience moving to Turkey. So you're in good company here.

I've brought excess stuff to Turkey in two ways. One is in excess baggage while traveling with an airline. The other way is to send it through the mail or through a delivery company like FedEx.

With the excess baggage, you have to pay a fee. I don't remember how much it was, but as I recall, the fee was about the same as sending it through the mail or a delivery company. You have a LOT of weight there, so it is going to cost a lot, unfortunately, no matter what option you choose.

Sending it through the mail: Basically your country's mail system hands off the package to the Turkish mail system. When your package arrives, They post a "sticky note" to the door of your apartment if the delivery person can't get in. Or they sometimes put the delivery notice in your mailbox or somewhere around your mailbox in the lobby of your apartment (they often don't put mail in the boxes, they leave them in a pile on top of the bank of mailboxes).

They may also send you an SMS if they have your mobile telephone number. There have been cases in the past where I have not received packages through the regular mail, because I didn't get a delivery notice. So after a certain amount of time they sent my packages back, then asked the person at the sending address (my sister) to pay for the cost of sending it back. So I had to reimburse my sister, and ask her to keep the package until I could come back to the US and take it with me as excess baggage on my return flight to Turkey.

It has been a while since that happened, so perhaps the mail system here has improved. Or perhaps these were isolated incidents.

With a private delivery company, they tend to have better quality control systems in place, but they are more expensive. If I absolutely had to make sure I received something, personally, I would send it through one of the private delivery companies and not through the mail.

Unfortunately in your case, with all of the clothing, I don't think there is any cheap way to do it... it's going to cost you quite a lot.

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It's difficult to get you a quote without knowing the dimensions of the package of 40 kgs of clothes and not knowing your UK post code, nor your Turkey one. 

As an example though, if you were to send 40 kgs from Surrey in England to Side in Turkey with express delivery of between 2 and 4 days, the cost would be £136.92 = https://parcelcompare.com/shipment/quote?Q=207,kt14 6bw,202,70030,1,40,75,50,50,postcode,cms,kgs,N,postcode,,,1&p=&s=   That would be for just the one parcel of 40 kgs of clothing etc with dimensions as follows ... 75 cms long x 50 cms wide x 50 cms in height ...:coffee:

It was not as expensive as I would have anticipated it to be... don't you agree? :rolleyes:

x Angela in Side x  :D

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