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Break ins on Yarim Ada, Police Need Your Help

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Passing this on from our local newsletter regarding some recent break-ins and thefts of villas on Yarim Ada.

I expect that some of you already know that some burglaries have occurred recently in our area. I have checked with the Polis Chief and the following are the facts.


Three break-ins into empty villas have happened for certain on the Yarimada, windows jemmied open. In one it is thought that the perpetrators stayed there for a while. Some robberies in Çerçıler and quite a lot in Kalkan. Items stolen were mainly TVs, sat. receivers, computers and booze.


There was also a water pump stolen (cut-out) from a depo on the Yarimada. This was probably done by a bar-steward villa owner or tradesman; someone with local knowledge, who wanted a replacement!


Some of the robberies were not reported quickly and there may have been others that have not yet been discovered.


The Polis/Jandarma think that the spate of burglaries is over. They have caught one gang, who have been robbing all places between Denizli and Demre. They have recovered a load of property that is now at the Kalkan Police or Jandarma station. Interestingly they caught the gang because the leader has only recently been released from jail. He was responsible for burglaries in Kaş when we had a crime wave a few years back and he returned to his larcenous pursuits when released. They picked up the number plates of his vehicle going on to the Peninsula. So the good news is that they appear to have caught the robbers, but they are not entirely sure. Six suspects are currently being held in jail.


The other good news is that houses that are occupied have not been targeted, as has happened in the past.


The Polis Chief said that they are being much hampered in their operations by the migrant invasion. Every night they are moving on, or sending back, between 30 and 40 Arab migrants from all countries east of the Turkish border. They are also rounding up migrants trying to cross to Meis and attempting to get a grip on the human-smugglers. This is consuming a lot of their resources, both men, vehicles and money.


They is also a problem with the number plate recognition cameras at the Yarimada Karakol. They are not operating properly and need replacing.


Two Polis Officers have been assigned to go around the Yarimada to check properties.


The Chief Constable said that they need your help. Please get your empty properties checked by your gardener, management company or neighbours. REPORT ANYTHING, HOWEVER SMALL, OR ANYBODY THAT APPEARS SUSPICIOUS. REPORT ALL SIGNS OF ATTEMPTED ENTRIES, EVEN IF NOTHING WAS TAKEN. The latter sometimes does not happen because the persons responsible for the property don’t want the hassle. Make sure that your properties are secure, preferably with all windows having locks. Ensure that your depo is secure. Install CCTV / IP cameras. Check your house insurance is up-to-date.


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