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Mobile phone network and Internet Vinn in Turkey

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Hey friends,


Since my arrival is Turkey is approaching nearby; hopefully within two weeks; I have two questions; I would be living in Istanbul for 10-12 months at least; during my stay I wish to know which mobile cellular network should I use (which is good in service and also cheap for students). The option I found out was Vodafone Turkey but I am unsure of their service and charges. I would appreciate if anyone could help me out with it.


And I also need help regarding a Vinn (Evo USB internet device). Since I would be renting a place; I do not wish to get a landline telephone registered and get internet on it. I would better go with USB Evo Device which is also known as Vinn in Turkey. I have searched a few options; Vodafone Turkey gives a Vinn for 70TL per month but with download limit of 20 GB only for a month. Well I will be needing more than this. So I went to the website of Turkcell and found that Turkcell Vinn comes with unlimited package but that would only give 3G download speed for up to 20GB download limit and once that limit is over; I would be getting 128 kbps which would only be good for internet browsing and email opening until new calender month starts. No Youtube videos or anything of this kind.


*Sınırsız teklifte adil kullanım politikası gereği dönem içi kullanm 15 GB'a ulaştıktan sonra erişim hızı 128 kbps'e, ilave 3,75 GB'lık kullanımdan sonra da 96 kbps'e düşürülecektir. Faturaya ek bir ücret yansımayacaktır.

This statement is given on Turkcell Vinn website; please let me know what does this sentence say?


I would appreciate if anyone could help me out with these two things since many would be having personal experience in this regard. I look forward for some good and sincere help.




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Goodmorning, I have a Vodafone number and a monthly packet. 

I pay 28 TL for 500 minutes, 1000 sms and 2 GB internet. The moment the package is almost finished, I receive a message that the packet is used for 80% with an option to retrieve some more MB's or minutes. (5 TL for 250 minutes more and 5 TL for 500 MB extra. Even they offer now for 10 TL 1 GB, or when you buy 20 TL extra 1 GB free internet).

This is the website : http://www.vodafone.com.tr/Tarifeler/Altin-Tarifeler.php#efsane

It automatically renews, 3 days before you receive a message with date and time mentioned, they will renew the package if there is enough credit on the simcard.

For monthly payment numbers (abone) they charge different rates. I use prepaid, because I want to be in controll myself and not being surprised by an expensive phonebill.

I am very satisfied, never no problems with the internet, and pretty fast.

Also almost all can be done online, as long you have enough 'kontur' on your simcard. You sign in with your phonenumber on the same website, and a password you will receive after sending a message to 7000 with 'S' .. 


About your other question : I can't help you with that part, but I am sure that 1 of the other members in Istanbul can answer this.

Good luck with all!!





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