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What is the Earliest Time to Renew a Turkish Family Residence Permit?

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You can also have a look at our articles on residence permits. Here's an introduction to the new system and how it works:

An introduction to Residence Permits

The rest of the residence permit articles are here.

For renewals, you don't have to go there. There is no appointment at all. The online system will give you an address to where you must mail the documents when you fill out the online renewal form.  You submit the online renewal form online, then mail a color copy of the form, with required documents, photos, etc, to the Directorate of Migration Management office responsible for your province. They receive it and look it over to make sure everything is there, then send it to Ankara. Ankara does the final approval and prints the residence permit, then mails it to your address of record.


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Hi Ken thanks for that information. Because mine is a Family permit im a bit confused about 180 day rule in 12 months. Does it mean in a 12 month period if you have been out the country for longer than 180 days you cannot renew it you have to apply as a first permit. or does it mean 180 days since your permit was issued? Ive left a few times over the last 2 years the longest being 6 months when i returned to England to have my baby. 

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As I understand the law, yes. If you are living outside of Turkey for most of the year, then you are not really living in Turkey. It's 180 days in any one-year period. So when you come back you have to apply for a new one if you've exceeded that number.

Update, 14 June 2020:

This rule was changed a couple of years ago. There is now no limit for the amount of time you can stay outside of Turkey with a family residence permit or any other kind of residence permit, except for the actual expiration date of the residence permit. So you can return to Turkey at an time with your residence permit as long as it's still valid.

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