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An Idea for online business

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Hi Salah, I'm new in this forum, but I read your post. I don't exactly know how it works in Turkey, but I can empathize as I had to start my own online business back in 2008. The difference is that it was a concept or more precisely a product that is widely available. The problem for me was to design the site knowing nothing of the subject. I found a platform from a reputed company that gave me the opportunity to either build the website myself or have it done for me which implied that I'd have to share my business idea and the companies I had planned to source my products from., with the team of webdesigner. But here in the US where I live, it's pretty much safe with all the legal recourse and other protection; and again the company was a reputed one. Still, I chose to do it myself if only to know and learn what's involved and for the following projects (because I can assure you that your current idea will probably not be the last one), I'll know what is involved and have someone do the work for me, without being taken advantage of. So, I'd advise you start learning as much as you can about starting an online business, so in case you still dcide to have someone set it up for you you'll know what to ask or look for. As for protecting the uniqueness of your idea, I'll go with Mr. Sabahattin advise to get legal council.

Here are a few resources that will give you some good information about setting up a website or starting an online business:

Here's the blog post advice from a reputed internet marketing coach in the US about what she'd do if she was new (like you) in online marketing;


And here's (to inspire you) the story of someone with computer skills and knowledge who used the above expert's organization to build his 1st online business:


Another reputed online business expert advice (2) for online success:



Here's a link to a tool that I strongly recommend for the quality of the tool and the integrity of the founder of the Canadian company behind it


And last but not least, here's a link to a great YouTube channel, with video tips to learn the ins and out of online marketing/website building.



I hope this will help and hopefully not overwhelm you. All the best in your online business venture.

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