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Unavailability of Residence Permits Appointments in Istanbul - Alternatives?

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Hey, good to see that the forums are back! Glad you could finally sort it out, Ken!

I've been in Istanbul since December and have been trying to get an appointment on the e-ikamet site since then. I go through the steps three times every day, and every single time it tells me that there are no appointments available within the next 90 days. In every other city I had a look at, no matter whether provincial town or Izmir/Ankara, I could have an appointment tomorrow. I spoke to an agency that helps expats get their residence permits here, and they said they also had trouble getting appointments and that it might be a bug with the system, but weren't sure either. Does anybody have any more information about that? Anybody else trying to get a residence permit in Istanbul? Maybe somebody even successfully got an appointment recently?

Alternatively, did anybody try applying for the permit in one city and then move to another? Apparently I would need to get a 12-month lease in the city I'm applying in, which would require some, uh, trickery, but would I be free to move to Istanbul afterwards?

I'm not in a great rush because I'll be leaving the country soon until beginning of March, but I figured I'd assess my options early on in case the system is still acting up upon my return, so I'd be glad if anybody had any pointers!

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The over-booking thing might have to do with all of the refugees coming in to Turkey, especially Istanbul.

I know for certain that you cannot apply in one city and move to another before you get your residence permit, when it involves moving from one province to another. That's for sure. I seriously doubt that you can do it even in the same province, because your residence permit has to be delivered personally to you, and you have to be there to sign for it.

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