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EFINST IH School in Istanbul

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EFINST is one of the most reputable language schools in istanbul, in a sector where very few schools can be called reputable at all. They have a proper management structure with someone to supervise you and support your development. 

They have a lot of business contracts all over the place. If you get one of those groups it is nice to teach that sort of student but it is likely to require travel to the company which may be time-consuming and not very wll compensated for financially. Split shifts for business teaching is also a source of complaints.

There have been reports that they offer very low rates of pay, especially for beginner teachers, but if you are experienced then more might be on the table.

If you want to work in that sector you probably won't find better than EFINST. 


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Hey Greenstein and Fil

The website went down before I had the opportunity to thank you for your responses. Unfortunately they wanted an almost immediate start which I could not do because I am currently contracted in Thailand until the end of February. They said to contact them towards the end of January to see if there is a position still available. I only have one year of in-class teaching experience, which is this Thailand gig that I'm doing and the rest was teaching on-line so I am basically a beginner teacher. They didn't specify the rate they will pay but it is a set salary for a 26 hour week with split shifts. I have been in constant communication with them to see which of their programmes would suit me my qualifications and I do get the impression that they are interested in hiring me when my contract ends however, during this time I have spoken to a Turkish national who has been living in Thailand for three years and she has advised me not to go to Turkey, especially Istanbul, which is where EFINST is based. She doesn't think teaching English there is worth while, especially in light of the recent civil unrest which I wasn't aware of (I don't have a t.v/radio and I do not make it a point to read world news online). Even if EFINST wants to hire me, I am seriously second guessing going to Turkey to teach.

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