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Being An English Language Private Tutor

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Since I have discovered that working at most schools in Turkey requires a BA degree in order to get a work visa. Is it possible that after I get a certificate in TOEFL/TESOL/TEFL, could I move to Turkey and offer private English lessons as services? Should I know Native Level Turkish before I consider looking into offering private tutoring services when the time comes? What do you guys think?

Another thing is would it be possible to get a job at a school with a TOEFL/TESOL/TEFL and without a degree, but rather then getting a work permit, apply for residency (I myself am a Turkish-American born and raised in the USA).

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You have a great chance to become a teacher. Some  private language schools hires just the way you described. There are looking for onyl toefl, ielts certificate and some experience. I do some research and i found like job announcment.


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I agree with Greenstein, they are mostly interested in native English speakers; I am soon moving to Samsun to teach English and be with my girlfriend. 

Of course it would be helpful to know basic Turkish in order to more easily communicate, but it certainly will not be a requirement. 

Best of luck to you, hopefully we will both soon be in Turkey getting paid to chat with some awesome Turks =D

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