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Apple Tea

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Is it true that apple tea isn't consumed by Turkish people, and is just a con put on for tourists? 

I know there is a powder variety to which one adds water, but I am thinking about the real stuff made out of apples, cinnamon and cloves. Only, I had it and it was great, but the powder stuff was awful. Now I learn that nobody in Turkey drinks it and it has no history to the region whatsoever.

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I have read this also. The powdered stuff is served to tourists and visitors to carpet shops, etc. But there actually is a "proper" apple tea. You can buy it on Tulumba.com. Just search their site for apple tea, they have an English option on their website. You can also buy other products unique to Turkey there.

Turkey Central is an affiliate of theirs, so if you use referral code HDR8755 during checkout you'll get free shipping on your first order if it's over $25 USD.

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Apple tea is essentially for tourists. We make it from the dried skin of apples that we have peeled (we slice and dry apples for the winter).

Turks do, however, drink a whole variety of teas for various ailments. The common one is adaçayı (sage tea) for upset stomachs.


In our local herb shop there are many interesting jars with various ingredients, the herbalist can tell you what each one is for. When you ask her how to take it, the answer is invariably the same 'make a tea with it'

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