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What has inspired you ?

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I found myself analyzing my life in general and attributed my current 'chapter' in life to 3 books which have paved new paths for me, gave me inspiration and changed my way of thinking, ultimately bringing me to Turkey.

I'd love to know what has influenced/inspired you ?

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What brought me here can be attributed to a number of accumulative reasons. Things in my private life were heading south, I was in a job that involved quite a lot of stress and pressure and I worked with a number of people who were frequently saying how fed up they were so I said "Well why don't you do something about it," and realised that this also applied to me so to cut a long story short, here I am. I've been here for over 25 years and, although there have been ups and downs, I wouldn't like to go back to live in the UK, although I visit usually twice a year to see family and friends.

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I've been thinking a lot about this, and for me it's the same as Sunny said. There isn't just one, or even several sources of inspiration for me. I enjoy reading biographies and watching documentaries about famous and successful people, or people who changed the world for the better. I don't realize at the time that what I learned about them would inspire me later. Also the principles of success and happiness are interesting to me, no matter who write it or says it.

When I'm in a difficult situation, I remember something I have read before. Or something someone said before.

One main thing I have learned is that no matter how bad things get, it isn't over, and in time things will be much better. Many famous and successful people have had horrible times in life and they recovered, and went on to do great things. You just never know what might happen.

Another great truth is that results in life often come from our basic beliefs about various things. A positive, optimistic outlook on life causes you to have good experiences, and to see the good aspects of things. Negativity, and limiting beliefs cause you to act in ways, and people to react to those actions, which causes bad experiences. I've learned to challenge my limiting beliefs. When I catch myself thinking "I can't do this," "this is too hard," "I am not good at these kinds of things," I ask "why do I believe that?" And I often find that there is literally no rational basis for me to have that limiting belief. So I decide that I might as well believe that "I CAN do this." "This is NOT too difficult" and "If I am willing, I CAN become good at this." I can't even remember where I learned that, but it's an example of something that has inspired me.

What about you, OzTurk? What are the books which inspired you?

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Thank you for sharing your inspirations Ken.

We can draw our paths from many different source of knowledge, I have met people who have inspired me and experienced a variety of situations that have shaped the person I am today. But the 3 books which I continually refer to over the course of my life:

The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay

I related to this book (fictional) due to my migrant background and the difficulties I faced as a child growing up in a different land and trying to find a balance between 2 cultures. The character in the novel helped me to accept the person I am and that life is a bed of roses but you have to learn how to deal with the thorns as well and make the best of the situations you are presented with.

The Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

An incredible man whose life has taught me endurance, passion, belief and provided me with the ability to have hope. The late Nelson Mandela has provided me the strength I have accrued over the years to overcome many difficult adversities. Life is a bed of roses but you need to sow the seed and provide attention in order to reap the rewards.

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

Although the book (fictional) is an adventure novel some of the views raised have appealed to me in ways that have helped me understand or give meaning to certain points in my life. I no longer believe in coincidence, I believe that every living organism provides a form of energy and your life can change in an instant. This has helped me to stop asking 'why' and to move away from negative aspects in life, I believe in my instincts and find value in things I do. Life is a bed of roses but don't concentrate too much on the thorns, give more energy to the beauty of the flower. 

There are many inspirational men and women who have added to my attributes over the course of my life, these are just 3 books that have stood out in my thoughts whenever I have felt a need for inspiration.

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Thanks for sharing that, OzTurk. We have a source of inspiration in common. The Nelson Mandela story is one which has inspired me. What a terrible time he lived through, and what persecution he suffered, all the while trying to lead a peaceful means of change for the better for his people. I was really impressed by how he handled being in prison, how he worked with and inspired others who were in prison with him. You know the story. He never gave up. And who could have known at that time how things would change so much for the better as a result? I haven't read the book, but saw a documentary about his life and have I have remembered his example. It seems we have learned some of the same things, about how the way we view the world can profoundly affect our experience of it. And how we can change our view of the world to see different aspects of it.


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 a book that totally turned my teenage angst into an even deeper sadness for the world was Z for Zachariah   

It actually deepened my already dark thoughts and somehow didnt help me see much light at the time....also had some personal life experiences that made it darker but maybe its my character to see the bad in things...(interestingly saw there will be a film adaption of this book!!). Ive always been told i see the bad side and think too dark but i see my self as a realist...nothing inspired me to come to Turkey as such..i wanted to go to Egypt but my friends encourage me to try Turkey 'it was cheaper ´they said...then i fell in love in 24 hrs of being here (with a man)  but seeing it as real love (see im a realist) almost in days...call it gut instinct too for luck...i said bugger it i can live here..ok so took me a yr to leave job & get job here & move over FT but it was the ´bugger it ,do it we could all die tomorrow ´attitude i had at that time & at many times in my life & sometimes thats been the best way to go though life for myself anyway...

and that as it says on topsy & tim on my sons fav prog. was that! :-)

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so bloody true..i blame my English teacher she was always messin´ with my mind & then i didnt even mention the RE lessons i took at GCSE & A level our lessons were total holocaust & 2nd world war overload..in my opinion.. i mean many of us were in tears lesson on lesson...ok need to know info & all but was really intense and mind blowing for an already half depressed group of teens ...

oh and aids ads my god they also totally blew a fair bit of us away..does anyone else remember the tomb stone?!...i mean i cant have been the only one who thought jesus whats the point!! thank god for Love & hope hey!

i also read to much Patrick Süskind  which really didnt help my moods at times!!

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I wanted to revisit this post as for the 1st time since i fell in love here i feel hope again and this emotion inspires me...

Hope for Turkey & hope for the future generations in Turkey that they can read anything, write anything & share anything without fear. When i originally thought about the books i may or may not have read while being in the UK i guess i didnt realise how reading/writing really means personal freedom...just the fact i could dream i would be a writer or an Artist or act in films about anything or anyone...the open possibility of my future i took for granted as a given. Now i have a small son i wonder while being here in Turkey can he feel the freedom i felt /have the same opportunites or express himself the way i could in writen /spoken or artistic format. As parents we can do our best to share/teach/inform/warn but if the system is at odds with your thinking this is a very confusing existence. I love Turkey &  i wish its creative minds a long open road to success :-)

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