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What Documents Do I Need to Extend a Family Residence Permit?

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Could somebody please give me a full list of the required supporting documentation to support the renewal of a family residence permit please.

I am married with 1 child.

For instance, do i need to submit medical insurance for myself, my wife and my child or is medical insurance for myself all that's necessary?

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Also, do i need a criminal history check? If so where should i go in Istanbul to get it & will they give me it on the day or do i need to wait.

Does my marriage certificate need to be notarized, or will scanned copies do?

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Have a look here:

Family Residence Permits

These are still in draft, but I wanted to put them up anyway so questions could be answered.

I still have some things to clarify. First, the law seems to say that a legal resident can get a family residence permit for the spouse and children, but we just had a member go to the Director General of Migration Management (DGMM) and they told him that the applicant, or the spouse, one of them, needed to be a Turkish citizen.

You do need a criminal record check, showing no crimes of violence against family members. From what I am reading in the law, the criminal record check must go back five years, including any place you have lived.

See this article about how to get your criminal record check:

Criminal Record Check in Turkey

You need to find the Sabıka Kaydı office, or criminal records office. In istanbul, I suspect this is in the large Emniyet Müdüriüğü complex in Fatih.

If your marriage certificate is not in Turkish, it will need to have a notarized translation. If it is in Turkish, I don't think you need to do anything else, since it is already an official Turkish government document.

This is another issue where the information is conflicting, and we need feedback on the process from members who go through it, so please let us know what you learn, so I can update the articles and be sure we have the latest and most accurate info. :)

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Hello Ken,

Just to let you know, i have gone through the process of getting my criminal record paperwork in Istanbul.

Your info was correct, I turned up at the Emniyet Müdüriüğü complex and collected my paperwork.

For anyone else needing to do the same process in Istanbul. It was the easiest dealings with Turkish bureaucracy I have ever had. the whole process took no longer than 20 minutes.

As far as I can see there are two entrances to the building. If you were to arrive by taxi. the driver would probably arrive at the smaller entrance (One door in, one door out) If so,

Once you've cleared security, walk straight ahead, down the long corridor in front of you, after about 100 meters (opposite the bank machines)keep an eye out to your right.

On the right hand side you will see a small flight of stairs that lead down to the main entrance hall, you can't miss it, it's a huge open space and you will be looking down to the backs of two huge statues.

Directly on your right hand side as you get to the bottom of the stairs you will see a wall with small glass windows. This is where you go to get your criminal report. There will probably be about 20 people waiting in line. This was the case when I arrived and the line took about five minutes to go down.

I went to the office armed with every bit of identification that I could....

All that was asked for was my residence blue book.

The man printed my paperwork there and then, and after that I was on my way.

If you arrive from the main entrance (up a small flight of stairs, to about six entrance doors). Simply clear security, walk straight ahead to the bottom of the statues. Look left, and the line of people is in front of you.


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