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Social Security benefits in Turkey | Unemployment allowance?

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Social Security benefits in Turkey | Unemployment allowance? 



Hellow friends,


Here I am with a new question; I try to make my questions easy and wish them to be useful for people in the future who come around looking for the same question to be answered.


My question is simple and self explanatory; since we know that many European specially western European countries along with USA, Canada, Australia, Japan etc do have an unemployment allowance system and also a very good and established social security system. Turkey does have one like them?


For example if a Turkish citizen is unemployed and does not have enough resources to even give food to his family; will government help him ? Give him some sum of money per month so that he may live his life until he finds a job? Will government give any of such unemployment allowance? 


And what about medical treatment? If someone is unemployed and is not able to pay his monthly medical insurance premium; will government still provide him with free medication ? 


I do understand that Turkey is a bigger country and has a larger population than many countries I discussed above and if any of them have population equal to or larger than Turkey; their GDP and economy is also much higher that of Turkey so they can afford free medical and unemployment allowance per month. Does Turkey provide those two things to its loyal citizens?


I hope to find some good answer here,


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People who have been legally employed for a certain amount of time (6 months I think but not sure) and who become unemployed have some rights. If they are made redundant they are entitled to holiday pay due and a redundancy payment from the employer, the equivalent of one month's gross salary for every year worked (apart from people who are sacked after receiving three legal written warnings for misbehaviour).

Unemployment benefit is paid for twelve months and is related to the gross salary of the person and sgk payments are made by the state.

After that, if the person remains unemployed, sgk will be covered by the state but there are no general benefits although there seem to be some kind of handouts from different government agencies but I do not know the basis of these.

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So to sum it up it won't be wrong to say that Turkey do offer benefits but not as much as the west! But they are surely more than what most eastern countries offers! So it's kind of in-between and I assume once the economy gets more stronger and more development is made; such benefits are going to increase!


Like visa free access to Schengen zone for tourist purpose is proposed and expected to be granted in coming years.


So way to go !!! but moving towards it!

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