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Water/Gas/Electric Bill in Istanbul as of 2015

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Well I am here with another question... ! 

What I wish to ask now is that if someone is living in a 2 room apartment in Istanbul (or anywhere in Turkey; since I guess the rate of electricity is same in entire republic); how much would be a month bill of Water/Gas and Electricity? 



How much would it be in Summer months just with a ceiling fan! As I have seen on the web the temperature in Istanbul reaches to maximum 32-35 with humidity being higher than 80% so this is HOT and needs some source of cooling down. So how much is bill with a Fan? And how much would be the bill if someone installs Air Conditioner? And it would be outstanding if anyone can tell me how much one unit costs? I mean how much does 1 Watt costs ? Like here where I live right now; the electric bill I pay in summer with air conditioner in one room is around 320-350 TL per month and in winter it is significantly low because I don't pay for air conditioner and it becomes 80-100 TL. And for GAS we don't pay much at all because the GAS is naturally reserved in our country here. So for Gas I pay like 8 TL in summer and in Winter it is 32 TL with heated water and room heater! 



I wish to get some good estimates which would clear up my doubts and will help me better consider my budget! 


Thank you


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Electricity bills carry a lot of information that is difficult to decipher, probably based on the confuse-a-consumer and make more money principle.


Electricity providers are privatised so the price varies between different places, I don't know by how much.


As far as I can make out from the bill in antalya the unit price is 0.255387 and in a recent month the consumption was 323 units. That makes 82.49TL. But the final bill was 126.80TL after a load of other little things were added, the largest of which is kdv (value added tax) at 19.34TL.


Some flats have had a smart meter fitted, which changes the cost as well.


Top floor apartments cost more to heat up or cool down.


For a small flat I would say monthly electricity bills would be at least 50TL and at most 400 depending on usage.

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