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US Social Security Payments to a Turkish Bank

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When visiting Turkey does anyone knows which bank the USA Social Security does an Automatic Payment to ? Like other countries where i had my monthly social security transferred every 3rd of the month to my account ? This question maybe should be answered by a retired US Citizen . I looked up the SS site but it only shows Turkey is one of the countries included in direct deposit cause other countries like Lebanon is not you have to go get your check every month at the embassy and deposit it and wait for three weeks till funds are available . 



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I got an answer to my question from the Social Security in the USA :

I can open an account in any Turkish bank and when i get back to the USA I should go to the nearest SSI office and give them all my bank info so i can get my monthly Social Security funds transferred from the USA to my Turkish Bank.

And if any U.

S. Citizen needs any questions answered I will be glad to ask the Social Security Administration by phone while I am here . Although they have many questions answered on there site but some are confusing .

Again thank you Ken fir moving my post to the right place Gey you are the Man you know the best on where and what to do here at your great site , and trust me I will never get upset if you guys remove some posts because very all do some mistakes . Never saw a human being perfect in this life except the Lord.

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