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Difficult situation

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Hi everyone


I am 30 years old, mother is English, father is Turkish. I am not entirely sure if I have successfully registered over in Turkey. We lived there for a little while and planned to mvoe there but then came back and I (nor my family) are 100% certain I have been registered there,


Anyway I have been at university for 8 years (2007-12) and I have not been to Turkey since the age of 17. 


I am a dentist and work in the UK. 


I am looking to go to Turkey to see my family as I have not seen them for so long and skype is not the same, my Dedem is very old now. 


I do not speak Turkish fluently and definitely would struggle if I didnt have my dad there, 


Now my questions include:

1. Is there a way I can check my registration as a citizen of Turkey? Because if i have not been registered properly then I should not need to do military service?

2. If I am registered what options are available to me now to either 1. postpone military or 2. pay out right so I do not need to do military at all?  I have been advised to write a letter to the Turkish consulate in the UK asking a question.  


Any help would be appreciated. 

Thank you in advance

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Hi dxc, welcome!  You should go to your nearest Turkish Consulate in the UK --- they should be able to check their computers to find out if you are a registered citizen, & following from that will advise you of your military options, if applicable.


If you are already a citizen, they can issue a kimlik (ID card), and you can use this together with your British passport to travel freely to Turkey.  If you are not registered, they will advise you what you need to do.


Good luck to you! :)

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