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Importing a 4X4 to Turkey

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My family are planning to move to Turkey as they are buying a property in Istanbul. They have got a Ford Expedition 5.7L V8 2014 model. What are the costs involved in bringing it over to Turkey as well as monthly/annual running of the vehicle as in taxes etc... Thank You

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Hi msg, I can't find the other post now either, I think it must have got lost when we did a software upgrade. It probably wouldn't have helped you much anyway because the cost varies with the age, type and engine size of the vehicle. It really is not economically viable to import a vehicle unless you are a Turk returning to Turkey after living somewhere else, it costs about the same as buying another car.


Edit: Just seen your other post msg, so you're aware of the high cost and hassle. I was going to bring an old MGB when I first came here but it wasn't worth it.


Çukurbağlı's blog. Warning - takes you off the forum and into the www.wilderness


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I am indeed guilty of cross-posting.

I'm not saying money is no object but if my $20,000 car costs $40,000 in turkey I'd rather pay someone 5 and Turkish government 15 and keep the car I know I like. Is it ridiculous? Sure is but so are car prices in Turkey.

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