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Colombian Looking for a Job in Turkey

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Hi clautami, welcome to the forum. Your problem will be getting a work permit. These are only issued if the labour office can be convinced that a suitably qualified Turk cannot do the same job. there are many qualified food engineers in Turkey. maybe if you can find a job with an international company that needs a food engineer who speaks Spanish....eg involved with importing bananas from Equador etc.

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If you are interested in working as a volunteer or intern, there are quite a lot of options. Paid employment in a regular job is more difficult.

There are many international organisations that bring volunteers from many different countries to all over Turkey, for example aiesec- http://aiesec.org/ .

For internships, if you google internships in Turkey you will find a very large number. I should imagine some will be good, others not. Applying through them should be done with caution, I would suggest.

A smaller organisation that deals with internships in Antalya that I know of and is reliable is triada- http://www.triadaconsultancy.eu/en/

Larger employers may have openings in your field, but you would need to seek them out through personal contacts or existing professional networks. You might get lucky.

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