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Real Estate Professional Seeking Work in Antalya

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I'm glad to find here so many useful discussions...

Just wondering how easy to get the job legally in real estate sector in Antalya.

I'm certified agent with 10 years Dubai experience,English/Russian speaking;was dealing with VIP clients,specializing in most luxurious projects like Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina...

What do u think my chances are to get a proper job and how to approach the good reputable companies?

I'm doing my homework by sending my CV, but don't get any respond.

Do u think it's better to meet just by passing through?

Would really appreciate to hear from some of you.

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As a foreigner you need a work permit in order to work legally here in Turkey and foreigners cannot be employed in a job that a Turk can do. That's the official line.

Having said that there are some foreigners working in the real estate sector here and your English and Russian experience would help a lot. Face to face meetings are far more important here than sending your CV.

Presumably your certification in real estate is not a Turkish certification so it may not help you, Turkey has it's own certification.

To get a proper job your chances are slim without a work permit.


Çukurbağlı's blog. Warning - takes you off the forum and into the www.wilderness


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