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Can you get in Antalya NILE SAT to watch TV Channels from the Middle East and Africa?

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I wonder if anyone knows if you can install Nile Sat in Turkey where it is free toad Channels from Lebanon , Egypt , UAE , Etc.

It is not a Pay Satellite but we watch all Arabic Channels there Plus CNN and other stations that sends the signal to Nile Sat.

We also have the APTV . Which comes through the internet and it has about 1000 Channels and you pay $65.00 a year for subscription where i have Two boxes and will bring with me to Turkey as the LOOL compete the operates them send the signal from Sweden and they told me it works in Turkey but i need Minimum 2GB of internet to get a crystal clear picture.

Rather one will work fine , but if Nile Sat is available so i am ok.



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It looks as though you will be able to, check out this link which gives maps of the Nilesat coverage area.



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Thank you so much sorry i did not see your post till now.

But Thanks million.

Great i just checked all the channels through the Check channels PDF and thats what i need , I get them all now on a little tiny IPTV Box through the internet where you only need 2GB/S speed.

And i was told that the Two boxes will work in Turkey so i will bring them with me, But also will install a NILESAT Dish so i can wire it all over my house.

Here in this forum there are many people that i would say VERY HANDY, They know a lot , I do know much about Computers specially Mac(Apple) and hack all the software i need for many things , I do not buy any software as per programs and i get them and install them to work flawless in my new iMAC 5K retina display that i will bring in my final flight on the plane .

But Cukurbagli you where very helpful , Please add me as a friend if you like .

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