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Do You Trust TripAdvisor?

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I just read this article about TripAdvisor being taken to court about fake reviews. They were found not guilty but I am wondering.


Once a restaurant manager (in Turkey) told me that his competition had been writing bad things about his restaurant so he wanted me to write him a positive review. Has anybody else experienced this? Or has anybody been asked to write a review for a business, and been offered anything for it, etc? And do you think TripAdvisor is reliable?

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No, I would not trust just the star reviews.


I have had personal experience with family and friends of a business writing rave reviews or in the course of describing an area they would "recommend" a particular place of business "they were so helpful" etc.


First read the reviews of an accommodation or other tourist recommendation.

THEN go to the town, city or area you plan to visit on TA and ask some of the people posting there.


Usually local commentary at a location will be their personal observations, compare the negatives with the positives.


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A big problem is how to judge the perspective of a given customer reviewer.  You'd have to read a reviewer's history and hopefully have shared experience with which to test their observations: it'd take professional mental energy.  When there's one person whose rap you know and follow (say Roger Ebert, RIP), you know how to filter what they say to make it pertinent for your own world. 

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It was interesting to read reviews on a restaurant in TRNC. We visited recently and were wondering where to eat. the restaurant had recently opened and they ranged from fantastic to I would never eat there again. End result..... we went back to our favourite and were not disappointed.

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As a restaurant owner, I am not doubting about Tripadvisor at all.

Some restaurants are pushing their clients very much regarding writing a review on Tripadvisor, we don't.

It must be a honest review, not fake because the restaurants want to be higher in rank.

We just applied for a reservation button at Tripadvisor.com, and the women who called me was very friendly and helpfull.

We ourselves are very happy with the services of Tripadvisor. 

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