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looking for an apartment: is central heat controlled in each apartment individually or always on in the whole building?

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Moving to Antakya from the United States in a few weeks. 


I am looking at apartments on sahibinden, but I cant figure out how the heating typically works.


I see most apartments are listed as having central heating, and I see the radiators in all the rooms...I know some european style apartments have central heat that is controlled by the apartment management where all tenants pay a monthly bill to split the cost of gas or oil etc. 


I don't mind paying the bill, I just don't like the idea of cooking to death in my apartment because I cant choose to turn the heat off.


Can someone tell me how this usually works?



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It depends on the building. Some, like mine, have zero heat. You have to install your own heater. You can do this by using a coal or wood stove, called a soba, which I would not recommend because of the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Or you can install one or more split-unit heaters/air-conditioners, called klima.


Many buildings have central heating, consisting of a coal-powered boiler in the basement. And also radiators in each apartment.  In that case you will also have a building superintendent called a kapıcı (litterally, doorman), who takes care of the place and in the winter months, starts and stops the furnace in the mornings and evenings if necessary. As the winter months approach, each resident will pay an extra amount on the maintenance fees to buy coal for the central furnace.


There are knobs on the radiators where you can control the heat. You can turn them down, or off, any time you want.


I am sure there are also apartments which are heated by natural gas, but I have not lived in one of these.

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