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Internet Speed in Antalya

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The speed varies. I live in the downtown area just outside of Kaleiçi, and the internet is VERY slow, unfortunately. But even that depends on the time of day. I asked my internet provider (TTNet) why it was so slow, and they said it was because there was no fiber-optic network available where I am. But they do have it in other places, I don't know where, though.  I would assume the more upscale areas like Konyaaltı has more chance of having the fiber optic network. Probably Lara also, because that's where the richer Antalyans live.

It would probably be a good idea to go to the nearest branch of the telephone company (Turk Telekom), give them your address, and ask if the area is wired with the fiber optic network before you sign a rental contract. If it's regular internet, it all goes through Turk Telekom's lines anyway. There are a few providers of internet services available, the main one is Turk Telekom's internet provider, TTNET.

You can also get satellite internet, or from the major TV providers like DigiTurk or D-Smart. I have to go pay my Digiturk bill, and I will ask about getting internet service through them. But I think that would only increase download speed, not upload speed, because these systems receive a signal from the satellite, they don't send to it. So it would be a situation of receiving fast downloads, but when you upload, or send something, it would still go out through the regular lines.

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