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The Ellusive Dental Cleaning Procedure

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I have been to more than several dentists as well as a periodontist and still cannot find someone to clean my teeth in that area, you know, right below the gum line where it is impossible for a normal human to clean. As we all know and have been told for years teeth should be professionally cleaned every 6 months and even more often for those who smoke or who for some reason have periodontal issues (such as pregnancy, which is the excuse I'm using).


I see people in Turkey drink lots of tea, smoke lots of cigarettes and have very poor dental hygiene. Also, I cannot find out if there even exists a dental hygienist or if it even legal to be one in Turkey. I would love to become a dental hygienist now and clean all these peoples' teeth since no one else will. And yet it's the most affordable, preventative and healthy dental procedure I know about.


I have 2 questions:

Does anyone know the answer to how to get your teeth properly cleaned by whom and where? I live in Istanbul so hopefully somewhere in that vicinity exists. But if not! I am willing to travel! Just to have clean healthy teeth and gums! Don't tell me I must travel all the way back to California to get this simple procedure done every 6 months please, that would be a very expensive one!

And my next question would be ..

Why are there no dental hygienists in Turkey? I mean is it illegal or just something that hasn't found it's way here yet?


Thank you for reading all of this. Please respond soon! My gums are itchy! 

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Hi Eruza,

I happened to read your post and thought I might share something with you. If you cant find a hygienist  try using some sort of sour berry mouth wash (cranberry if you have something like it there or oregano oil in the interim, the oils and chemicals in these fruits and herbs stop the microbiology that cause cavities and periodontal disease. Check out this link ..http://www.jcda.ca/article/a130...itsa link to dental research group here in Canada. 


Most red or blue sour fruits or berries have the active ingredients. I use oregano oil (use sparingly)/tea as a mouth wash, I  use to have bad gums and within a few weeks my teeth stiffened up and my gums fely and looked better. Does replace a good cleaning but might help in case you cant find one.


Good luck, 

I meant, doesn't replace a good cleaning...:)

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Thank you. That is something I will definitely have to try. I've used regular toothpaste and mouthwash and I floss daily. The periodontist said my teeth and gums were fine, but I feel like under the gum line it's not clean. I think it is partly due to my hormones from my pregnancy, but also they should be cleaned every 6 months anyway. I think dentists and periodontists sometimes just want to wait until there is an expensive problem?

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There are two types of cleaning, one that can be done at home & the other a professional clean that is done at the dentist by a hygienist, if possible. We should all visit the dentist twice a year for a professional teeth cleaning to prevent an excessive build-up of plaque, left untreated it can lead to tooth decay & diseased gums. A professional dental cleaning involves scaling (removing the plaque and tartar from tooth's surface) polishing Smoothing of the tooth surface to make it harded for plaque forming organisms to accumulate & root planing. (Scaling of the tooth's root). Here there is a highly recommended detaist frequeted by many foreigners but located in Manavgat / Side/Antalya..too far i guess....

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That's weird you said you haven't found dental hygenist, they've been in every clinic I've been to.  My dentist is like a complete replica of my former American dentist.  I really believe you haven't found the right one yet.  If you were in Ankara I'm going to a really great dentist, and there are many here so easy to find...

I don't know about prices though maybe the ones I go to are a bit expensive? 


Keep searching dental places, my advice is keep asking people and when you go to the dentist if you want that type of cleaning tell them you have a "peri problem" and they will know exactly that it's not just a regular cleaning but more than that. 


If your Turkish isn't that good there is a fat chance the doctor will speak English since they have to learn another language for their PhD and most choose English. 


My advice is find a good clinic, ask people around. 

After that go for a check-up, and from their you should be able to communicate better about what you are wanting.



Don't give up the search though, I'm really surprised you found a hard time with this particularly.  I assure you that dentists here are completely the same around the world haha, same system same everything.  I don't know any in Istanbul to help you there though.  Are you going to private clinics or public ones? 

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I have been to private and public clinics. I know this happen around the world. Dentists don't want to clean teeth because it's not profitable. There are dental assistants here but not dental hygienists. The best dental care I ever got was at a Dental University, because they follow procedure properly. Dentists are in it for the money first, and for the health of the patients second. This is my experience. I was thinking that a dental hygienist who works on their own may do more preventative care because they are not able to do very expensive procedures compared to dentists anyway. But couldn't find any of those. Many people think dental assistants are the same as dental hygienists but actually dental assistants get paid to follow the orders of a dentist. Dental hygienists often work alone.   

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