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Advice in My Search for English Teaching Jobs in Turkey

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Merhaba !

I'm a newly qualified British ESL teacher with a BA in English and a CELTA qualification and have been in the process of searching for ESL jobs in Turkey. I'd love to work in Turkey as I've been studying Turkish history and language for some time now and to combine these two things would be really wonderful for me.

However, the more I research the more complicated things seem to become. There seem to be so many dodgy schools with awful reviews online and I have no idea where to go to find legitimate, safe, reasonable jobs. I'm very thankful that such reviews exist, but at the same time, I am left wondering where to go.

If anyone can provide me with any advice, that would be wonderful

Teşekkürler :-)

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I used to teach at one of the better schools in Turkey, in Izmir. As far as I am aware the best schools will be looking for 3 years experience as well as a teaching diploma (PGCE) and a degree in the subject that you teach. I you pm me I will send you the names of some of the better ones, but it is now late, most schools have finished recruiting by late April


Good luck

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