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Alldaywifi for tourists or short term residents

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I must have been living in a cave for the last year or more as I never heard of this company until this morning doing some random searches for my daughter who is coming to visit next month.

I called them and the woman I spoke with, in English, was very helpful. She said it works EXACTLY like a wireless wi-fi hotspot with any device including laptop, phone, tablet and up to 10 devices can connect at one time.

Has anyone had any experience with them?

"...enjoy unlimited mobile data in Turkey"

TripAdvisor Reviews of Alldaywifi:

The photo on FB looks identical to the Turkcell VINN.


An Interview with the founders called Shelter, Water, Food, Alldaywifi
"How are you able to offer this service at an affordable price?""
"By adopting a service for locals and making it available to travelers coming to Turkey, Alldaywifi can make big yearly deals with local providers and offer the best prices to travelers for shorter terms. We also improved our Alldaywifi Kit content according to our needs. When we say "Allday", we really mean it. We’ve even taken on the challenge of your smartphone battery and we are there with our solution, a high quality, pocket-sized portable battery is included with each kit."

Other comments:
pocket wifi rental in Turkey,anyone use this company before?
"I went to Turkey last December and did pre-order a rental wifi with Alldaywifi. For 10 days, I paid EUR35. The service was great, I had good connection everywhere I went (we traveled around Istanbul and Cappadocia). Had I wanted to continue using it, the option was also available and all i need to do would be to email or phone the company. All my emails prior to arriving was attended to satisfactorily."

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That looks a good service and not too expensive for short stays, especially when you can connect ten devices at the same time.

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@HobbitTR I need to say that I am impressed about the useful information you have provided here so far. I saw your posts on many different subjects and it is nice that you share your knowledge with people. So, I wouldn't expect to answer a question of yours. :)


It is a good coincidence that, this morning I have just typed something related to your question about pocket wifi rental in Turkey and I think it will be beneficial to share the same post here: 


I have recently visited Turkey and before going there, I checked several mobile wifi companies, because I didn't want to deal with sim card, registration processes etc. A friend of mine told me about a company called Alldaywifi which she used her previous travel to Istanbul.


I booked it online and the pocket wifi with an extra battery was already at the reception when I arrived to the hotel. It is really small and easy to carry.




I shared it with 4 more friends and it enabled us to communicate and keep in touch with unlimited internet. We also rented Istanbul card. It is kind of Oyster card that can be used in public transportation (metro, bus, ferry) and cheaper than buying tokens. We used the same card for all. 


We also bought fast tickets for museums that allowed us direct entrance to Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Museums. You can buy them at the entrance but we didn't want to wait at all. 


I know, for long term stays it is not helpful but if you plan a short term holiday in Turkey, I guess you should give it a try. 

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