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Importing a Car from the US

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So I've better sell my car here and buy a Diesel VW Passat there , It is a hassle with transporting a car did it before and lost my paints when i had to pay duties after one year ,One big mistake.

Thanks Ken great advice.

I was under the impression that i will pay less than $2000.00 duty where i went to one site and calculated the duties but looks like it was false site.

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The 'twice the price' number is made up. There used to be a PDF table on the official website but it is dead now.


Either way, unless you have a residence permit the car has to leave Turkey after 180 days. Mind you it will take about 14 of those days to get the paperwork in order with customs, polis and bank guarantee.

Bank guarantee is the painful part, on another thread in this section some guy quoted $20000 US for despite to bring in a 2007 Land Rover (this was a while back and the $$$ go downhill very quickly as the car ages)

 Whole process is quite a dance, I have been researching it for quite a while and am looking for a 'customs expert' to help me out so if you find one let me know.


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Just offering a lead on a customs expert. I've moved to Turkey a couple of times with professional moving companies. Both times the companies had a "customs broker" who took care of such issues. I don't know if he worked for the moving companies or was a freelancer, but if you need to find a customs expert like that you could search for some of the major moving companies in Turkey (Istanbul Ekspres is one) and ask them to connect you with one.

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