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Getting married in Turkey certificate of no impediment

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Hi all, 


I have looked into what I need to get married in Turkey (and I wish I had known about all this sooner!). So anyway I will be applying to the Irish Embassy in Ankara for my certificate of no impediment. I am just confused about when you actually have to go to Ankara. I will have to send my documents to Ankara along with the fee but can I post it or must I hand them in person? The man in the embassy told me that once I get the certificate I will need to take it with me to the ministry of foreign affairs in order to be stamped etc. But it would be in English so how can you get it translated in such a quick amount of time?

I wouldn't be based in Ankara which is why I would rather just spend a day in Ankara rather than several trips back and forth. If anyone has been through this process I would appreciate some info. I know there are a lot of British on the forum but the process could be different for the Irish embassy and there is not much information online about it. 

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Hello Desitny,


I will answer your questions based on my experience: 


  • When you actually have to go to Ankara? Whenever you want actually, and it depends on your embassy, if they accept having the documents via post or in person. In my case, it was in person, and it took me two hours to have the paper in Turkish & English. I didn't have to stamp my document from the ministry of foreign affairs, only from the Wali Of Istanbul (that took me 3 hours).
  • But it would be in English so how can you get it translated in such a quick amount of time? If the embassy gave you the paper in English, you will have to translate it to Turkish and Noter it. That should takes you a day, maybe, for the translation. Usually the translation places deals with Noters as well, and they'll guide you to the Noter in the area.

If your embassy in Ankra, and does not accept post, I suggest you spend a day or in Ankara to get your certificate, translate & noter it.


Let me know if you have any extra questions.


Thank you,


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For this case there are institues for translating forign documents. "Tercüme bürosu"İt takes nearly 15 mins. After translating you can take your document to the "Noter" its the stamping office. Brıefly you can do your all works by yourself ın a day.

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