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Availability of Internet

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Hi Surmelim,  welcome to our forum!


To date there are close to 80,000 websites banned in Turkey, some of them for whimsical or arbitrary reasons (IMHO).  You can find the up-to-date list here :  http://engelliweb.com/  Of course you can get around this in various ways & still access the sites you want.


Not sure what you mean by how the internet is running currently ......  maybe it depends on a lot of things like what device you are using, your service provider, your browser, or whatever?

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Thanks for posting that list Meral, I couldn't remember the link!  The internet speed varies widely depending on where you are. Sometimes, seemingly, according to the time of day. In Antalya, in the place where I live it's slow, since they haven't installed the latest broadband technology in my neighborhood. But from what I hear it's a lot faster in the areas where it has been installed (of course).

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