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I need advice urgently

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Hello everyone, it's great to be here once again,

well, I'm planning to travel to Turkey next month(May) for 5 days, suddenly I decided not to miss the chance of holidays from work , I have already been to Istanbul last year.

I need your suggestions about this trip I have nothing in mind right now.

I appreciate your quick response.

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I would visit Antalya and explore the rivers in the canyons to the north, yazili kanyon is interesting, wonderful nature for a day's trip. historically speaking my favourite historical spot in Turkey is Termessos to the north of Antalya, and of course you have the beaches in Antalya too.

Further north (2 hours drive) from Antalya you have the wonderful nature around lake Eğirdir, well worth a visit. there are excellent pensions on the island to stay over for a night and good food to be had too.

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Do you want to go to several places or just one great place?


For some of the most fantastic natural landscape, go to Cappadocia. You could easily spend three days there and see something new and interesting every day. It is in Central Turkey and has fantastic scenes and valleys to walk through, underground cities, and ancient cave dwellings and churches. The views are incredibly picturesque. It is mostly around a small, laid-back town called Goreme. No beaches or rivers though.


Cappadocia Photos

Göreme Photos


A place where there is a HUGE sandy beach, lots of nature, AND a river, consider Dalyan. It is a small town where a river meets the sea. You can take a river boat to the beach. The town itself is rather touristy, but it has excellent food and accommodations. There are also the ancient ruins of Caunos nearby. A great place to have a relaxing vacation. The beach is completely natural because it is the nesting place for the Loggerhead turtle, which also swim up and down the river.


Dalyan Photos

Iztuzu Beach Photos

Caunos Photos


Of course feel free to peruse the photo albums, there are photo albums for practically every tourism destination along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts there, from Antakya all the way to Canakkale.


I also have to agree with Ibrahim. Antalya is a great choice too. Beaches spread out in both directions from Antalya... While the coast of the city center itself is mostly cliffs, you can take an antique tram to Konyaaltı Beach, which is a pebble beach, or take the bus to Lara beach (photos of both beaches are in the "Around Antalya" album. Or you could just find a place in Lara.  Termessos has some amazing views.

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