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Çeşme highlights nine of its faces

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The western Turkish town of Çeşme, a district of the İzmir province, has launched a campaign to promote nine of its local destinations known for their unique beauty.

“We think that not all the aspects of Çeşme are known, despite the fact that it is one of the most popular and oldest destinations in Turkey and the pearl of the Aegean,” Mayor Muhittin Dalgıç said at a launch ceremony at Istanbul’s Rahmi Koç Museum on April 7.

A hub of joy

The local population of the whole peninsula is around 35,000, but it is increasingly becoming an important tourist destination that rivals Bodrum.

“We perceive Çeşme as a hub of joy that lives to its fullest 12 months of the year. All of these neighborhoods, Reisdere, Ovacık, Ilıca, Ildırı, Germiyan, Dalyan, [Çeşme center], Çiftlikköy and Alaçatı, present different experiences for various preferences,” he said.


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Lovely area but unfortunately, during the summer now it becomes unbearably crowded and to drive anywhere you take your life in your hands due to the influx of big city type drivers!

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I've been up here for a few weeks this year and can honestly say that Cesme area is mad with so many people. The traffic is horrendous and there are even traffic jams. Unbelievable!  Such a pity as Cesme used to be such a lovely place. :(

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Hello Sunny, that is interesting information. How does it affect the road to Izmir? Is there also too much traffic, for example between Urla and Izmir? 

What would your preferred area to live in around Izmir be and why? 

How would you describe the differences living in Izmir, Urla and Cesme? 

I am coming to live in Izmir in a few weeks and I have never been there before : )

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I used to live in Çeşme. Also in various parts of Izmir itself. I don't think Sunny posts much any more so I'll try to answer. The highway which goes out to Izmir is a toll road. You'll need to get a transponder to go through the toll booths, or you can take a side road which gets you there with no toll. The toll road moves very well, I don't think I've ever seen a traffic jam on it. But apparently once you're in Çeşme, the local town traffic is getting bad.

There are several areas to Izmir, I lived near town center, where I could walk to everything. You can get pretty much whatever you need. If you need anything like furniture, you can order it from Ikea in Izmir. Or you can drive to it. Or just about anything else from Hepsiburada.com. They both deliver to your door.

I enjoyed Çeşme. Apparently it's gotten a lot busier in the summer, but I'm sure in the winter it's quiet as always. A lot of places close down during the off-season. Urla is more of a country-suburb of Izmir and would be a pleasant place to live year-round. Izmir is a working city, much more westernized than any other city in Turkey except for a few districts in Istanbul. It being a city, it has its traffic, and the usual bustle. But it also has quiet back streets in the Alsancak area. One thing about Izmir, "Konak" is the governmental and business center. Alsancak is more of the social and cultural center, with great restaurants, night life, and a pleasant park on the bay. Konak is a bit bleak compared to Alsancak in my opinion. Other options for pleasant living are Karşiyaka, or Bostanlı, which are across the bay. They are away from the city center yet still rather upscale, especially Bostanlı. To get to the city center, you can take the ferry if you don't want to drive or take a bus.

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Hi Leoxy. Usually the motorway to Izmir is free flowing, may get queues at the toll booth on Sunday evenings when people return from a day or weekend away in Cesme.

A lot of people are now living in Urla as it's not too far to commute to Izmir. I can't comment on life there as I've never lived there but it is obviously less built up than the city. If you want to be closer in but not actually in the city you could consider the Guzelbahce area where there are houses rather that tower blocks and good bus connections to the city centre. It all depends on the type of area you prefer, like Ken who prefers being within walking distance of pubs, clubs and restaurants, while I go for the open spaces where I can see a bit of green.

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