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Access to Incirlik Air Base for US Military Retirees

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Here is the latest information regarding access to Incirlik Air Base for medical care for US military retirees.


The 39th Medical Group offers space-available medical care and pharmacy services to US military retirees and their dependents as always, but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You will need to arrange an escort from the main gate to the hospital. To do so, call the patient liaison at 0322 316 3373 to arrange a gate pass. The patient liaisons will then submit the paperwork for the gate pass.

Because of the recent changes to the base access policy, you must be escorted from the main gate to your appointment, and back to the main gate. Unfortunately you will not be allowed to use anything else on the base such as the BX and commissary.

Make sure you are registered with the Tricare representative at the hospital, with a valid address and telephone number so you can be updated on any further changes to the policy.

Military retirees can still, of course, access medical care atht eh Acibadem and Medline hospitals and clinics, which are in the TRICARE network. You can also access International SOS at (44)20-8762-8384 (toll free 008008829200) or visit www.tricare-overseas.com for additional information.

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