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Child's Residence Permit

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My baby was born in Turkey (we, her parents are foreign obviously) and I have just got her passport from my country done (she is almost a year old now). Now we must start the process of a residence permit. I, the mother, already have mine. We live in Istanbul. Should I go down to the main local Emniyet, or do I need to go to the Vatan Emniyet since it is her first time getting a residence permit? Also, should I start at the Emniyet to find out there what I need to do for her, or can someone tell me here, or tell me the best place to go find out what she needs?

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Thanks. I went to the one near the Vatan Emniyet and the officer outside pointed me in the right direction, it was just 100 meters away .


If I have more questions I will go to the local Besiktas branch next time. In retrospect anything that can be done at the foreigners office can be done at the local emniyet. I've also learned that to determine which one is local has nothing to do with the nearest emniyet, and everything to do with the 'sempt' of your home address.


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